About Us


Outpie Consulting is founded in Eindhoven High Tech Campus in 2015, targeted in building High Tech Industry connection between China and Western Europe. Since located in the heart of smartest European Silicon area, we are able to grow up quickly to become a central Hub for Sino-Benelux knowledge exchange in terms of:

- International Events and conferences for high tech zones, companies and institutes

- Consulting services based on projects, local memberships and long-term cooperations

- Business Platform by connecting with local top level partners 


Outpie & Cynergy Consulting: with solid strategic cooperation, Outpie & Cynergy Consulting normally work together as a team for a wide range of projects. With those close link we can offer the complete consulitng services especially for large scale projects. 


AE Team: as the initial member of AE Team, Outpie Consulting will play actively within the team to build up the healthy Ecosystem so that we can all benefit, expand and cover the following business:

- M&A

- Events & promotions

- Talent HR Services

- Branding and Marketing

- Design